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Missionvale Australia raises funds to empower Missionvale Care Centre to help local residents shift from welfare to development through skills improvement, health care and educational services.‚Äč

About Missionvale

Missionvale is a shanty town on the outskirts of Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa crippled by poverty, disease, drought and hunger. Missionvale Care Centre (MCC) is a non-profit organisation operating in its midst. It was founded by world renowned humanitarian, Sister Ethel Normoyle, in 1988. There is a goldmine of potential in this community and MCC strives to unlock that potential in each individual they serve.

The centre offers a wide variety of educational, skills development and health care services that are developed with the community (rather than for them). The emphasis is on upliftment, development and empowerment.

What makes MCC unique is its approach to reciprocity. The Centre's Community Exchange System provides an opportunity for community members to volunteer, bring recycling or attend educational programs for which they receive tokens entitled MCC Bucks. These can be exchanged for essential goods such as food, clothing and other househould items.

Missionvale Australia was established in 2006 to support MCC - it is entirely run by volunteers 

2023 Missionvale Australia Annnual Update

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