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April - For the second time a group of Australian Harley Riders visit the Care Centre. They take with them 160kg of donated goods from Australia and share a special lunch with the school children. The children loved being taken on a ride around the Care Centre on their Harleys

August -  Majella Drew Piano students present a marvellous Concert at Federation Square, Melbourne raising funds for Missionvale

November - Committee Members from Missionvale USA and Missionvale Australia meet for the first time at the Care Centre and spend time sharing knowledge and volunteering in the Nutrition Unit as well as spending time with the Care Givers visiting homes of residents too sick to attend the Clinic

March - our third charity golf day was held at The Springs, Peats Ridge. Thanks to Kora Organics, Sapro, Little Italy Coffee Roasters, Papaya, Stanley Street Butchery and Continental Water for their donations.

May - a group of Australian Harley riders visit the Care Centre for the first time. They deliver goods donated in Australia and take all the children for a ride on their Harleys, for most of the children this is their first ever ride on a motorised vehicle

August - Pat Morgan and Majella Drew Piano students present extremely successful concerts at Deakin Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne

July - Majella Drew Piano students, as well as many other artists, presented concerts at the Deakin Edge at Federation Sauare

March - our second charity golf day was held at The Springs, Peats Ridge
July - a second concert was held at a private home in Eltham, Melbourne
September - a very successful concert was held at the BMW Edge Theatre at Federation Square

March - our inaugural fundraiser, a charity golf day was held at The Springs, Peats Ridge
August - 2 volunteers, Ben and Kim, spend time working voluntarily at the Care Centre

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September - our first Melbourne concert was held at a private home in Eltham, Melbourne

January - 3 Australian volunteers, Jamie, Penny and Doug, work voluntarily at the Care Centre

"Where the suburbs of Port Elizabeth peter out, the townships start. Shantytowns built of rusted tin and bits of wood cluster around a salt pan. This is Missionvale township, home to about 130,000 people, of whom a third are afflicted with HIV. Children-headed and grandparent-headed households are very common. One person in five has a job; the rest subsist on government grants. Yet in the middle of such poverty is a place of change and hope - Missionvale Care Centre, a compound that has grown from a single person under a tree to a clinic, school, new HIV centre, kitchen, clothing warehouse, communal gardens, carpentry unit and caregivers unit. Missionvale serves as the de facto centre of the community, and thousands of people pass through it daily. A diminutive Irish nun, Sister Ethel Normoyle, is at the heart of the centre. 22 years ago, she wandered into the township and was shocked at the want and need here. She tended to the needs of the people she met, and Missionvale Care Centre grew from there. It's an inspiration to see what a single person can achieve, through sheer grit, perseverance and tenderness"

Presentations given to various individuals and groups in Melbourne, Warrnambool, Brisbane and the Blue Mountains
Sydney women start knitting jumpers for the orphaned and vulnerable children - over 100 jumpers are given to children on a bitterly cold day in August.

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Presentations given to various individuals and groups in Sydney

First quarterly transfer of donations made to the Care Centre on 21/3/2007

September - APHEDA (Australian People for Help, Education and Development Abroad) agree to a coalition with Missionvale Australia. Apheda will collect all donations, provide tax deduction notices and audit the Care Centre as per Australian Government regulations for overseas donations. APHEDA receive 5% of donations for admin - 95% will be sent quarterly to the care centre
November - Missionvale Australia establied and the first donations are received on 15/11/2006

Sister Ethel visits Sydney and asks a group of Sydney women to help provide the Missionvale Care Centre with a sustainable regular income